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Yuji Ohno and the Lupintic Five Live in Osaka Best. Night. Of. My. Life.
December 28, 2011 06:30 PM PST
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track list:
The opening and ending music was from Seven Days Rhapsody Album "Lupin au Go Go" for 2 min.
1. Samba Temperado --> 2010 version
with Ohno-san on Organ he literally stood up while he was playing!
2. Deep Night Call--> 2011 version from the "Eternal Mermaid" newest album.
feat Keiji Matsushima on trumpet
3. The Third --> 2011 version from the "Eternal Mermaid" newest album
after the song Satoshi-san made a funny comment and said that "良人 かわいいよね?”
井上陽介 ("Machine Gun Base") did a little song on base guitar.
4. Tennessee Waltz from the "Feelin' Good" Album
和泉さん (electric guitarist Izumi Satoshi) sat down through this one while playing.
After, 和泉さん (electric guitarist) then said that they would be playing the Lupin III theme and they mentioned that the new Lupin III Theme - Action Version 2011 is 8:06min long and it was the longest Lupin III theme so far which I noticed before.
5. Love in Sao Paulo from the "Let's Dance!" album
mostly 和泉さん (electric guitarist) in this song

I think at one point during the performance 鈴木央紹 (saxophonist, Suzuki Hisatsugi) saw me while he was playing and that made me happy. I think they saw me in the crowd within the first 15 min of the show because I was "wooing" and clapping so much.


6. Love Squall --> 2010 version
I really enjoyed this one.
7. Sexy Adventure --> from the "Let's Dance!" album
I loved it when 和泉さん ( electric guitarist) did jumps during this song. I think I remember at one point, Yuji Ohno was standing up on the organ and rolling the keys on the piano. I was like.. O_O. Amazed.
8. Tornado --> I'm not sure what this version was from, but I think it was from the "Jazz the 10th- New Flight-" Album but a little more jazzier.
There was a woman who I saw in the audience that was so into the song and she was swaying around when they played the melody. Near the end of the song, 和泉さん ( electric guitarist) played with his teeth which was very entertaining for a young viewer like me.
9. Memory of Smile --> 2011 version from the "Eternal Mermaid" newest album
Yuji Ohno had a 1 min piano solo but throughout the song there was base, guitar, drums and sax.
鈴木さん (Suzuki Hisatsugu)  was holding his sax while playing the clarinet at the same time.
10. ルパン三世のテーマ --> I didn't know for sure what version this was. It wasn't the 2011 version and it wasn't as jazzy as the 2010 version. It felt like a mix of all the Lupin III themes. I'm going to email them and ask.
During this song, 松島さん ((Matsushima Keiji)) on trumpet literally saw me and smiled. I smiled back. smiley That was such a good feeling. I couldn't stop tapping my feet throughout the whole show.

Ending music, "Lupin au Go Go" --> Seven Days Rhapsody Album

Encore (I yelled "Encore" a couple times in English)

11. Zenigata March--> 2010 Version
和泉さん (Electric Guitarist) got everyone in the audience to stand up. And I was lifting my hands up the whole time and clapping.
I wooed so much and clapped so much that my hands were as red as a tomato.

See Yuji Ohno and the Lupintic Five Live?? This must have been a dream I had yesterday...
December 08, 2011 02:10 AM PST
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Ok so I have some amazing news for all the listeners who are into Yuji Ohno's music!

REVIEW ON Lupin III T.V. Special Blood Seal - Eternal Mermaid (ルパン三世 血の刻印~永遠のmermaid )
December 02, 2011 09:14 PM PST
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There are some spoilers.
I tried my best to not say anything.

I rate it a 6/10
The animation was great
The storyline was... meh
The voice acting was not too bad
The character designs were interesting. I dug it.

Tomorrow New T.V. Special review!
December 02, 2011 06:15 AM PST

its way too late to review so I have to postpone it for tomorrow

Pumped and Ready for the T.V. Special... violin???
December 01, 2011 03:12 AM PST
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Ok so I have yet another Lupin III encounter today... in violin class???

listen and find out!

Book off! Yasui!! Very Cheap!
November 28, 2011 03:24 AM PST
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I went to a used book store today smiley

Lupin has a Podcast Intro
November 27, 2011 12:18 AM PST
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Where I discuss commentaries, reviews and basically anything about Lupin III!

Lupin III Blood Seal Eternal Mermaid Soundtrack LISTEN! 2011 T.V. Special
November 26, 2011 11:58 PM PST
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Ok so I managed to get on Amazon and listen to the upcoming T.V. Special on friday's Soundtrack.
There is a new Lupin III Theme for 2011!!! I repeat!!
Song list:

1. J.G
2.Deep Night Call
3.Memory of Smile
4.The Third
5.ルパン三世のテーマ~2011 Slow version~ (Lupin the 3rd theme 2011 slow version)
6. Funny Walk in Old Fashion
7. Lonesome City Breeze
8.ルパン三世のテーマ~2011 Action version~ (lupin the 3rd theme 2011 action version)
9. Love Squall Featuring 中納良恵 (Nakano Yoshie) (from EGO-WRAPPIN')